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Cheltenham Illustration Awards

'Daft' - Tangled Tales

Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2018

This piece was a runner up in the Cheltenham Illustration Awards ‘Emerging and Established’ category in 2018. 

The theme this year was ‘Tangled Tales’ and for this I took inspiration from my Grandad, as well as the stories others who have been diagnosed with Dementia. I wanted to represent how memories and actions can become ‘tangled’ or confused when suffering with Dementia and the ‘strange’ things people can do. 

'Tales Through Others' Eyes'

Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2017

Submitted to the awards in 2017 for the theme 'Tales Through Other's Eyes'. 

I was inspired by the loss of my maternal grandfather, and the stories of strangers, that how almost everyone carries the ghost of someone with them even through the mundane.

I wondered how it might look if we were able to see these ghosts.